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Barming Parish Church St Margarets - Baptisms

Child & Infant Baptisms

Q. Can I have my child baptised / christened at St Margaret's Church?

A. Anyone who lives in the ecclesiastical parish of St Margaret's is entitled
to have their child baptised in the church

At St Margaret's we believe that it is important that parents / carers make an informed decision about whether or not it is right to baptise / christen their child.

Barming Parish Church St Margarets - Baptisms

Our baptisms policy

At St Margaret's we see baptism as the beginning of a person's journey of faith, where they (or their family in the case of infants) declare before the church family their belief and trust in Jesus, and their intention to nurture that faith by becoming
a regular member of the church family.

Before you make the commitment to become regular members of our church family it is important that you spend time getting to know us.  So we ask all families to worship with us for at least three Sundays.  There is something for every week for families, just check out the "Events Page" of the web site.

Once a family has spent some time with us, if they are happy to join our church family we then ask the parents in the case of infant baptism to attend a baptism preparation course.


The course is one morning, and during the morning we look at the significance of water in the bible, what is means to be baptised / christened, the promises we are making and how that should then impact the continued faith journey.  

It is only after someone had attended the course that we will talk baptism fates, this is because we want them to truly understand the churches perspective of baptism, so that on the day the promises have meaning and can be said with integrity.  It also provides the opportunity to meet other families at a similar stage in life.


The baptism then happens in our main service on either the 1st or 3rd Sunday at 10:00am.  For us the baptism has to happen in the main service because part of the baptism process is about being accepted into the church family and the church family promising to help that person on their journey of faith. 

Please click on the buttons below for the baptism application form and sample service sheets.

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