Sunday 2nd        Harvest
8:30am    BCP Holy Communion    Longsole
10am    All Age Worship    St Margaret’s

Sunday 9th     20th Sun after Trinity
10am    CW Holy Communion    St Margaret’s
4pm    Messy Church    Village Hall
6pm    Evening Prayer    Longsole

Sunday 16th     Luke the Evangelist
8:30am    BCP Holy Communion    Longsole
10am    Informal Service    St Margaret’s
6pm    Evening Prayer    Longsole

Sunday 23rd       Last Sunday after Trinity
10am    CW Holy Communion    St Margaret’s
6pm    Evening Prayer    Longsole

Sunday 30th Oct        All Saints Day
8:30am    BCP Holy Communion    Longsole
10am    CW Morning Prayer    St Margaret’s
3.30pm    Hospice    Heart of Kent
6pm    Evening Praise    St Margaret’s


Sunday 02nd        Harvest  10am    
2 Tim 1 v 1-14
Luke 17 v 5-10
Sides People   Matthew & Hannah Eaton

Sunday 9th     20th Sun after Trinity  10am    
2 Tim 2 v 8-15    Heather Wigston
Luke 17 v 11-19    John Williams
Chalice    David Earl & Joyce Bailey
Sides People    Sue Roberton & John Williams
Intercessions    Anne Passmore

Sunday 16th       Luke the Evangelist  10am    
2 Tim 3 v 14-4v5
Luke 18 v 1-8
Sides People    Peter & Rosemary Hooper

Sunday 23rd       Last Sun after Trinity  10am    
2 Tim 4 v6-18    Tony Wilson
Luke 18 v 9-14    Anne Passmore
Sides People    Godfrey & Jeanette R-M
Intercessions    Gwen Oakley

Sunday 30th     All Saints Day 10am    
2 Thess 1 v 1-12    Richard Packer
Luke 19 v 1-10    Sue Packer
Sides People    Joan Wilkinson & David Earl
    Rick Collins

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